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The suppliers behind your eyewear

The Frame Makers

ISD Occhiali

A boutique factory nestling in the countryside of Northern Italy, ISD is a family run business of four people, Gabrielle and his wife Elenora, Gabrielle’s sister (Forma) and his 74 year old farther Elmo who is an expert when it comes to polishing up those frames for their final finish. They have a son, Tommaso and a dog called Sula.

Before becoming a frame maker, Gabrielle worked with Elmo producing handmade wooden furniture. He found his passion for frame making by chance when a company that produced wooden eyewear contacted him to find a solution for a problem, they had with one of their frames. In doing so he found himself ‘immediately in love’ with the intricacies, design and craftmanship of the frame and now ten years on, the family business is thriving, providing the very best eyewear for their customers.

John visit’s the family at least once a year. Some say it is to talk about future frames and designs, others would suggest it is the supply of Italian ice cream and coffee that is always so forthcoming on each visit.

The Material Makers

Mazzucchelli acetate making

Mazzucchelli 1849

Established in 1849, manufacturing combs and buttons made from animal horn, bone and tortoiseshell, Mazzucchelli became an international company with a highly sophisticated know-how, enabling them to excel in the production of semi-finished plastic materials with highly technical and aesthetical qualities. Pala uses their M49 Bio-plastic which is 100% biodegradable and certified.

Acetate sheets for sunglasses


La/Es was founded in Figliaro, province of Como, in 1956, as a plastic material production company. Over the years La/Es has been a key contributor to the development of acetate for eyewear around the world. Their Figliaro production facility which Pala sources their BioCell (biodegradable) acetate from is only around 100 road miles for their from the frame makers, ISD.

The Lens Makers

Divel eco lens

Divel Italia

Divel Italia started life as a manufacturer of sun lenses, making use of the region’s natural gas deposits to melt glass. In the mid-1970s, we became one of the first European manufacturers to acquire the rights and technology to produce organic CR39 plastic lenses.

This offered a revolutionary alternative to the original glass lenses which were brittle, easily scratched and difficult to fabricate. In 2019 Divel launched the Green Line lens which is made from 39% resins of plant origin, with the remainder being fossil-origin by-products. These more eco lenses are the ones Pala uses for all their non-polarised frames.

Sel Optical

Operating since 1983 Sel Optical has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of lenses made in in Italy, through building highly technological production structures specialized in the production of the individual product lines. Sel provide Pala our high quality CR39 polarised lenses.

Visottica Comotec

In 1947, Osalco Montalba, descendent of an ancient and noble family, opened a workshop in the former stables of his palace in Conegliano, a small town not far from Venice. His mechanical equipment amounted to three lathes powered by electric motors used to make components to supply the eyewear industry. Since that time Visottica has established itself as a worldwide leader in metal components for the optical sector offering a wide range of eyewear components for different kinds of frames. View their Compliance Declaration.

The Soft Bag Makers

CMA Global

Established in 2010, CMA Global is the largest manufacturer of premium grade Microfiber cleaning cloth products in South Korea. All production processes, ranging from knitting to printing and packaging, are done in house without outsourcing, thereby guaranteeing outstanding quality.

An important consideration of working with CMA was their certifications and innovation in material production meaning that our soft bags are certified as being made from 70% RPET (plastic bottles). The company is also run by Youngsun Kim, a female CEO.

The Case Makers


Arguably our case makers need no introduction as we have championed them across our site. If however you are not familiar with this fabulous group of artisans then you’ll see one or two of them if you watch this video to see how our cases are made. Pala intercepts the secondary plastic waste from the manufacturing process (otherwise destined for landfill from Poly Products Accra) as well as use discarded water sachets (25,000 to date) collected locally to make our durable sunglasses cases.

They are woven by the talented weavers from four communities in Bolgatanga, Upper East Ghana. CARE4basket is the NGO Pala works with, headed by the indomitable Jib Hagan, a man who I’m sure he won’t mind us saying, is well into his sixties, but has an incredible zest for life that would put most of us to shame!


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