The Case



Our recycled sunglasses cases are woven out of waste plastic by traditional weavers from one of three rural communities in Bolgatanga, Ghana, helping to provide an income for women in the region and support them in maintaining their traditions. By utilising recycled plastic from water sachets, bags and waste, we give the weavers access to a readily available material rather than typically used straw, which is limited by seasonality and climate change, offering chance for a more regular income throughout the year.

In most cases your case will come with the hand written name of the weaver who created it and you will soon be able to see a photo of the face who made your case and are thus helping to support. Want to see how your case came to life? Follow its journey [here]

  • Each case is completely unique
  • Handwoven from recycled waste plastic
  • Designed to fit all shapes of sunglasses
  • Supports Ghanaian NGO CARE 4 Basket
  • Currently only available for purchase in the United Kingdom

Fit Size:

We categorise our frames as narrow, medium and wide to help you find your fit. The overall width is based on the lens and bridge width

If you already own a pair then they may well have similar numbers below on the inside of the arm which can help anticipate your fit.

lens width


arm width


lens height


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