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Work in progress

We’re certainly not the finished article and we know we have a way to go before we’re satisfied that we’ve attained the high ethical and environmental standards that we set out for Pala right from the start.

It’s a long road but our aim is for Pala to only take positive steps forwards. We see this as a journey that we very much wish to share with you.

For some, the fact our eyewear is made in China might be a small concern. The factory we work with undergoes a regular  third party ethical trade audit (SMETA) to ensure adherence to ethical trading and corporate social responsibility. They also make great quality eyewear or course! 

Things change fast, meaning we might not always know of the latest solution to a problem across our company. So if you’ve seen or heard of something which you think we could or should be looking at, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at [email protected]

Factory Image