Meet the weavers

We’re as proud of our sunglass cases as we are about what goes into them. Each is uniquely handmade by a traditional weaver from one of three rural communities in Bolgatanga, Upper East Ghana.

As Pala grows, more people are being taught to weave, creating a new source of income for themselves.

By recycling plastic we access a readily available material, rather than the more traditional straw which is limited by seasonality. This provides the chance for a more regular income throughout the year for our weavers.

We provide each artisan all the materials they need; they then weave the cases in their own time and return the finished product for payment.

Most of our weavers enjoy weaving together – there’s a strong sense of community. Songs are sung and when their work is finished they celebrate by sharing some locally made Pito (beer!), drunk from a calabash. We’ll hear more from them in the future.