Frequently Asked Questions


So… how do I know if a frame fits me?

Well, there are a few ‘rules’ that you can employ to help make a great start.

– Whilst your frame may extend past the side of your face, you lenses shouldn’t.
– When you smile, and we’ll assume you do that a lot, if your cheeks push your frames up then that’s telling you they’re not quite right.
– Your eyebrows should be within the frames not be inside the glasses
– Ideally your pupils will be near the centre of the frames, although this is not always the case with some oversized styles.
– If the width of your frame is too wide, you’ll find that they slide down your nose.

If you are getting a ‘tick’ to all the above and they (crucially of course) feel naturally comfortable on your face, then you know you’re onto a good thing.

In addition on each product page of each style on the website, there is a ‘Details’ tab which provide the specific dimensions of the frame. You might have an existing pair of frames with that same number set in which case you can compare measurements to get a decent likelihood of how your ordered pair might fit.


‘Face Shape’ is a huge influence on the style of frame that is going to rock your world. You also have to consider your hair too and how that overall frames your face and ultimately your sunnies. We have assembled a little guide, here to set you on your way and give you a little bit of bragging rights on the subject amongst your friends.


On a rare occasion, during transportation and exposure to temperature change, the acetate that your frame is made from may bend around the nose bridge area causing the frame arms (temples) of your glasses to sit at a slight wonk or widen slightly and becoming a little looser in terms of fit. It’s not common and we would happily rectify this for you.

However, if you are time-pressed and would avoid the faff of posting back, then you can head to your local optician and they will happily adjust in super-quick time (for free).

It’s also very easily to sort yourself. You can either heat the frame using the ‘warm’ (rather than hot setting) on a hair dryer or run under warm water for 15-20 seconds at the nose bridge. With the acetate suitably warmed, grabbing the arms of the sunglasses in each hand you can flex, adjust and ultimately ‘de-wonk’ your frame.


All our sunglasses use CR39 fashion lenses. These are good quality lightweight lenses that provide 100% UVA/UVB protection to keep your eyes healthy. We do have polarised lenses in two of our Neo frames as these are designed specifically for the snowy slopes or the sparkly seas and therefore need the polarising element to minimise the glare from the white and watery stuff. So if skiing or sailing even is your thing then out Neo Pale Blue Crystal and Neo Light Grey Crystal could be you ‘go to’ frame of choice.


You have both a soft bag and the semi-hard woven case to protect your eyewear. We highly recommend using both together to ensure full protection at all times. The soft bag is made from microfiber so is the perfect material to give those lenses a good wipe.

You can also find decent lens cleaning solutions and wipes from local pharmacies. Stick to these recommendations and we hope you’ll have a long, loving relationship with your frames… until the point at which you accidentally sit on them, and then we’ll share your pain.


Not yet. However, this is something we are intending to introduce at some stage, so sit tight for now!

If we haven’t been able to answer your question here then please email us at [email protected]  or go back to our help page.