‘Face shape’ has a huge influence on the style of frame that could work best for you. We have put together our own guide here that provides insight into the science behind it. Learn it, learn it well and earn those bragging rights amongst your friends. What better conversation to start an evening out than talking about why your square frames are looking so very beautiful on your round face.

On each of our product pages you can see the specific dimensions of that frame, specifically the lens width, the bridge width and the temple (arm) length. This is standard specification that opticians find very useful and you may do too.

If you already own a frame, take a look at the numbers (often shown on the inside of the temple) and check to see if they similarly correspond to a new frame. They don’t have to be exact, but they will give you an indication of whether your online pair will be in the right ballpark.

Unsure of whether your sunglasses are fitting you best? Check out our advice below.

1. Whilst your frame may extend past the side of your face, your lenses shouldn’t.

2. When you smile, and let’s just assume you do that a lot, if your cheeks push your frames up then that’s telling you they’re not quite right.

3. Ideally your pupils will be near the centre of the frames, but take heed, with some oversize frames this will not always be the case and that’s totally fine. You rock those ‘Jackie O’s’ if you want.

4. If the width of your frame is too wide, you’ll find the arms won’t grip enough and your new sunglasses will slide down your nose. 

You may also find that by shaking your head vigorously left and right it may well launch your frame into the face of the unsuspecting person you are disagreeing with. Interpret the pros and cons of that how you wish, but the key thing here is to ensure they are a comfortable fit from the start.

Yes, absolutely. Both our eco-based nylon lenses and polarised lenses are UV400 ensuring full protection of those peepers. 

Polarised lenses have a special chemical applied to them to filter light. This chemical’s molecules are lined up specifically to block out all the horizontal light waves bouncing off say a smooth ocean surface of a crisp snowy slope for instance.

Therefore if you are taking regular adventures to the mountains or seas then these lens should be a consideration, but otherwise a well made lens that offers that all that all important UV400 protection will be sufficient for enjoying the great outdoors. 

Pala offer a limited amount of polarised styles to accommodate those wanting that extra performance and can find them by using the search filter. 

You can use prescription lenses for all our acetate frames. Simply take them to your local optician where they can colour match your existing lens to your required prescription. Please note that you are unable to use prescription lenses in metal frames, due to the narrowness of the frame and inability to hold a thicker lens.


You have both a soft bag and the semi-hard woven case to protect your eyewear. We highly recommend using both together to ensure full protection at all times. The soft bag is made from microfiber (70% recycled PET bottles) and is the ideal material to give those lenses a good wipe. 

You can find further lens cleaning solutions from local opticians or pharmacies. Stick to these suggestions and we hope you’ll have a long-lasting relationship with your frames… until the point at which you accidentally sit on them, and then we’ll share your pain.

The well known ‘wonk’ and whilst we’re at it, the ‘stretch’. We use plant-based bio-acetate in all our frames and as a material there can be a little movement. This may happen when exposed to more extreme temperature changes (such as during shipping in the case of our international customers) or simply over time. 

The result might be that the temples (arms) of the frame sit slightly uneven when place on a flat surface or in the case of frequent pushing of sunglasses on top of your head, the temples being  pushed wider apart.

Worry not! All they need is a small amount of TLC and they’ll be your delightful travel companion for years to come. Below is a list of options for you to get those frames straight again:

1. Head to your local optician and they will happily adjust in super-quick time. Most will provide this service for free (although no harm in shoving a Tony’s Chocolonely across the counter just to seal the deal).

2. Indulge a bit of frame DIY as it’s surprisingly easy. You can either heat the frame at the nose bridge using the ‘warm’ setting on a hair dryer for around 15-20 seconds. With the acetate suitably heated grab each temple around the point where they meet the front frame and then flex each side up and down. You should get a feel for the adjustment but stop to check as you go along and you should have it right in a few minutes. 

If you are adjusting the frame because it has stretched then flex the frame inwards so that the warmed nose-bridge will bend inwards. Hold and allow to re-set when it has cooled. 

3. Of course if you have simply opened your sunnies from new and found that the frames are slightly askew as a result of their travels, then feel free to return them to us and we’ll straighten or replace them for you.


You’ll be happy to hear that Pala accepts multiple payment methods. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, AMEX and Clearpay. 

Indeed we do. The ideal gift for when you’re a little uncertain on the frame choice for a friend or dog. Although as far as we are aware, no-one has yet purchased for a dog.  You can purchase you gift card here


We want to encourage you to not just enjoy your sunglasses well into the future. If well looked after they will last for many years to come. However, we all know that eventually a day may come to replace them and we want to reward you for your long term, sustainable approach to your sunglasses. 

We are planning to work on ways in which we can apply areas of circular economy to our business and keep you updated in due course.   


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