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August 22, 2017

Paradise: La Gomera

Paradise: La Gomera

Pala loves any excuse for a travel adventure. We regularly scope out potential destinations to explore, be it a British coastal break or a far flung Bali expedition. Yet with our endless travel list and expanding wanderlust wall, we thought it was only polite to share with you shady folk our current go-to destination, (and for your future holiday plans too). 

Have you ever heard of La Gomera? This under the radar island looks like a lost land reminiscent of Jurassic Park, unexplored by many, this hidden gem not only looks like this

La Gomera/ Image via Terramar Group
La Gomera/ Image via Terramar Group

but is located in the Canary islands, sitting just next to Brit holiday favourites Lanzarote and Tenerife.

As the second-smallest island in the Canaries, (it is geographically closer to the Sahara than to Spain), La Gomera is home to a plethora of exotic wildlife and plant species. Insta-friendly cacti and palms sit alongside lush meadows and the breathtaking Garajonay National park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, full of mossy laurisilva trees that resemble a dreamy other-world. This intriguing and simply awe-inspiring island is also incredibly home to beaches with inky black shorelines and with a weather averaging on 19-26c all year round, it’s warm enough to swim in the sea whenever you like. What’s not to love?

La Gomera/ Image via Hello Canary Islands
La Gomera/ Image via Hello Canary Islands

The easiest way to arrive is via the ferry from Tenerife South to the San Sebastián port, side-note: the port is recorded as Christopher Columbus’ last stop before his three separate trips crossing the Atlantic to the America’s.

It’s the ultimate adventurous spirit that gets the Pala approval.

La Gomera/ Image via Kuoni
La Gomera/ Image via Kuoni

Whilst exploring this multi-layered island delve into the various villages with a distinctly sixties hippy aura. Think laidback, sunny glastonbury vibes. There you can sip on delicacies such as miel de palma, a syrup extracted from palm trees and rare smooth wine crafted from forestera grapes.

Bonus point – whilst in La Gomera try to learn the local dialect, a whistled speech called ‘Silbo Gomero’ which is still legally taught in schools and is currently being studied by linguists for language development. It can be heard for over two miles – that saves a daily ravine hike for the locals.

La Gomera/ Image via @Kuoni
La Gomera/ Image via Kuoni

We’re itching to get in our hiking boots and explore La Gomera, and if you get there before us, (and lucky you!) we’d love to hear your sunny stories – get in contact here.

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