Amelia Le Brun

Born in Germany, raised in Jamaica, Amelia is a landscape and lifestyle photographer. Currently based in Northumberland, in the UK. Her photography has taken her worldwide on assignments for various outdoor companies and Tourism Boards.

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Amelia Le Brun

Amelia has been involved in shoots for fashion, tourism, hotels and lifestyle in countries as varied as Canada, Iceland, Lord Howe Island, The Faroe Islands, Scotland and the US, as well as closer to home. She is always eager to work with companies who share her values. When travelling, she strives to visit both hidden gems and those locations more accessible and well known to the masses. She believes that people will always be able to relate to those individuals who are open and approachable, which will always be the way she lives and works.

woman kissing dog in front of lake

She is available to work on almost any project within the UK and abroad. Story telling is at the forefront of all work she creates, with a considerable amount of photos being shot on film, both for personal projects and client work.

woman standing infront of lake and mountains

Amelia has been featured in print in magazines such as; Condé Nast Traveller, Lonely Planet, Lodestars Anthology and others.

Website:                                                                                      Instagram: @amelialebrun

Antoine Auriol

Antoine Auriol was born in the East of France on 20th November 1984. A defining moment in his life came when his family moved to Brittany and he tasted the freedom of the sea for the first time.

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Antoine Auriol

At 15, his sporting life was turned upside down when he discovered a new sensation: windsurfing. This discipline corresponded to his temperament of creativity, freedom, combined with a love for speed, and being on the water. At the same time, Antoine discovered kitesurfing. The sport combines his previous disciplines: trampoline with it’s rotations in the air, artistic gymnastic for the power and the style, and windsurf for the knowledge of the wind and the sea. Since 2006, he is in the top 3 riders in the world, becoming World Champion KPWT 2010.

antoine auriol kitesurfer

Antoine lives in Cadix (Spain), close to the sea, where he can be found training every day. He plays the piano and composes music that you could hear in his videos. He likes also to photography the world and people who cross his path…

Today, he is more than just a kite surfer. Antoine is a digital creator working with many brands, always open minded and ready for new adventures.

Website:                                                                                      Instagram: @antoineauriol

Kim Collison

Kim Collison was born in Hertfordshire in 1980 and grew up exploring the local countryside and developed a passion for mountains through the Scout Association with trips to Snowdonia and Scotland. He developed the joy for running at school and his competitiveness from his father.

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Kim Collison

It was not until at the age of 27 years  when Kim settled in the Lake District where the joy of running and mountains combined into a long term passion for mountain running. With a desire to improve and challenge himself, Kim has gone on to represent GB & NI at World Trail Running Championships, won several ultra races in the UK, recently has set records for the most peaks climbed in 24 hours in the Lake District and for the Paddy Buckley round in Wales.

Main trail running in mountains

A large part of the joy Kim gets from running in the mountains is from the pure joy of being in nature and the awe inspiring moments witnessed which bring a big smile to his face.

man walking in mountains

This passion for nature drives him to think in a sustainable way and how to live more responsibly for nature.

Website:                                                                                      Instagram: @kimcollison

Ella Foote

Ella Foote is a swimming journalist, Contributing Editor at Outdoor Swimmer magazine, swim teacher, coach and year-round outdoor swimmer. An intrepid swim explorer, she is constantly seeking out new rivers, lakes, ponds, seas and pools to plunge into – one of her favourites spots being a local hidden medieval pond that she has to scramble through bushes to get to(!)

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Ella Foote

Ella mostly swims in the rivers around Surrey, Berkshire, Bucks and Oxfordshire. Ella writes for all sorts of national media, often about swimming or water quality and loves to chat. She has completed swims like an English Channel relay crossing, the Thames Marathon 14k and the Dart 10k, as well as smaller more joyful dips and dunks across the country.

Cold water swimmer Ella Foote

In 2018 she launched Dip Advisor. An intrepid swim explorer, she is constantly seeking out new rivers, lakes, ponds, seas and pools to plunge into. You can follow her and her swimming on Instagram.

Woman wearing pink sustainable sunglasses

For more inspiration and advice on getting into wild swimming Ella’s Instagram makes provides a good starting point to make those first steps.

Instagram: @ellachloeswims

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